WANTED : Gerry Smit is looking to purchase a V6 Capri diff - Phone  0408 845 788.

WANTED : TC or TD Cortinas  0411 681 910   Adrian

WANTED : Parts for a Mk 1 Cortina  including replacement floor pans or where they can be procured. Call Kym Burton 0408 827 318.


FOR SALE : Mk1 Cortina GT Weber 28/36 DCD carburettor with air cleaner and a 1500 GT inlet manifold needing a lug repair.

The carby was removed as an operational item from my grey Cortina and the inlet manifold is in excess of my requirements.

$275.00. Could be re-jetted and used on a 107E.

Gordon Cowley, 0427 481 948 or


FOR SALE : William McKay is selling his 1970 XL Capri.

It is being offered to Club members prior to being offered to the wider public.

Also a set of new louvres and a repair Manual.

Call with offers on the car - 0408 088 103

Brand new  Louvres - $195.00

Workshop Manual - $80.00