Cortina Capri Car Club of South Australia Incorporated. 
Cortina Capri Car Club of South Australia Incorporated, is a member of the Club Registration Scheme and as a member of the club you may be entitled to register your club car in the scheme. A brief overview follows.  
To see the full document click here : CLUB REGISTRATION SCHEME  
To seek entry to the Scheme, the designated registration forms (being an MR1 form and the MR334 Scheme application form) for the nominated vehicle must be completed by the vehicle’s owner and the authorised person of the motor vehicle club of which the applicant is a financial member. This Code does not stipulate a physical inspection of the nominated vehicle by a club for initial Scheme registration. However, individual clubs are still free to retain a requirement for inspection in their constitution. In accordance with the Regulations, the Registrar may direct that a vehicle be inspected by the Registrar or club at any time  
The nominated vehicle must also be categorised on the MR334 Scheme application form into one of the three Scheme categories - historic, left hand drive or street rod vehicle  
Once the MR334 Scheme application form is completed and the vehicle owner has also completed an ‘Application for Registration and Third Party Insurance Form’ (MR1), the vehicle owner can attend any Service SA customer service centre for the application to be processed. Owners must also lodge a copy of their exemption documentation (if any), provided pursuant to section 163AA of the Road Traffic Act 1961 with respect to their vehicle, with the application. The original exemption documentation must be presented for sighting and copying at the Service SA customer service centre.  
If an MR334 Scheme application form is refused due to incorrect information being recorded, only the authorised person may alter any information.  
In accordance with the Regulations and this Code, the owners of vehicles must abide by the following conditions when operating Scheme registered vehicles. They must:   
• maintain a financial membership of a recognised motor vehicle club at all times;   
• not drive their conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road related area more than 90 days in each period of 12 months registration;   
• not drive their conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road related area unless they have completed the nominated journey in the log book (the log book must be in the format approved by the Registrar for the Scheme) prior to commencement of the journey;   
• carry the conditionally registered vehicle’s log book in the vehicle while driving on a road or road related area and produce the log book for inspection on request made by a police officer or authorised officer under the Act;   
• not drive, or allow anyone else to drive, the conditionally registered vehicle on the road for fee, hire or reward;   
• not drive the conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road related area if it does not comply with this Code;   
• not have more than one current log book for any vehicle;   
• while driving on the road or road related area, carry the appropriate vehicle exemption documentation that permits the registration and use of a historic (where applicable), left hand drive or street rod vehicle on roadways;   
• present their vehicle/s for an inspection upon the request of the club or the Registrar;   
• cancel the conditional registration of the vehicle when a change of ownership of a conditionally registered vehicle occurs or when they are no longer a financial member of a club. The log book issued for the vehicles must be returned to the issuing club for cancellation.  
Vehicle owners must ensure records for each journey undertaken in a conditionally registered vehicle are listed in the log book issued by the recognised motor vehicle club. The date of the journey and a brief description of the journey must be recorded before each journey commences. The driver must also sign the book (next to the particulars of use) before each journey commences.  
A journey for the purposes of log book recording may consist of one or more separate trips. However a journey that commences at 10.00pm on a particular day and finishes at 2:00am the next day constitutes two calendar days, as each day commences at midnight. Consequently, two separate days use must be recorded in the log book  
A ‘journey’ for the purposes of the Scheme does not include driving the vehicle for short distances (within 500 metres) for the purpose of relocating the vehicle from one part of a property to another, or enabling another vehicle to gain access to a road or property. This is provided that the Registrar endorsed an extension condition on the vehicle’s certificate of registration.  
Vehicle owners who change membership from one recognised motor vehicle club to another, must return the log book issued in respect of the vehicle to the issuing club. A new MR334 Scheme application form must be issued by the new club’s authorised person before a new log book can be issued by the new club.  
If a vehicle owner ceases to be a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club at any time during which the vehicle is registered, the vehicle owner must not drive the vehicle or allow any other person to drive the vehicle until such time that the vehicle owner is again a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club or has taken out standard registration.